Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exactly when does getting older... get old?

Life the grand illusion.... or is it delusion.

As a child you long for birthdays. My daughter is so looking forward to her next... the big 10. It’s double digits for the rest of her life - that is, unless she makes it to 100. (She, herself, points this out.)

The only problem she has with getting older, is that every adult she has a conversation with about age, tells her how they wish they were younger. Every reason, memory, ailment as to why... is summed up for my cherub child.

Left with thoughts to weigh her mind, she now is not so sure about the joy associated with her pending birthdays.

“I was so excited about getting older. About growing up. I don’t understand?! Why does everybody want to be younger?!!”

My motherly advice... “Live for now. Right NOW. Enjoy who you are today. Every minute that goes by is done. If you stop wishing to be older, and adults stopped wishing to be younger... and everyone was just thankful for the place in time they have right at this moment, no-one would miss a second because they were too busy wishing for what was or what will be.”

She soaked in the words, relieved at the notion that right now is perfect! Though there is something to be said for anticipation.... Alex wants to get older so he can drive. Charlee wants to get older to obtain some of those physical changes a girl gets when womanhood takes hold. (I am duly bracing for both!)

We all have our hopes and aspirations... Mine is to - really working on this! - live in the now. After all, as the song goes, “These are the good ol’ days...”

I don’t want to rush a second. These moments with my beloved children will soon be a mere memory... a sober fate for us all. I do long for the days of old, not because I want to be young again, but because I want to go back and be fully in the moment. To really soak in my time with loved ones.... knowing all to well that once they are gone, there is no more. Those are the thoughts that weigh my mind.

No going back.... so I do the next best thing. I work at being in the moment. Enjoy every second. Cherish my cherub and my ever growing man-child.

Someday I will be looking back, wishing for this very day.... might as well be in it and enjoy.

A moment that hangs on... a clothes line?

My morning walks are always accented by the ‘Hansel and Gretel’ house.

I often wonder if people know the subtle impact they have. Many a times I have walked past this house and smiled at the mere act of the owner hanging her laundry on the line. This a ‘chore’ I love to do. Don’t ask me why.... I just love hanging laundry out on a clothes line. The sun shining on my skin, the birds chirping and flitting around, the wind making the clothes dance to their taunts. And since no one wants to get caught having to help me... it proves to be a quiet, zen like moment for Mommy.

This being said, Mrs. ‘Hansel and Gretel’ does it so much better. She wears a cute brimmed hat, her linens are soft pastels and somehow seem to float more gracefully on the slightest breeze. She smiles as I pass, offering a warm ‘Hello.’ Sadly not the norm these days. I welcome her hospitality and mirror her greeting with one of my own. Her yard is chock full of flowers. Every color is accounted for. She must prune her yard routinely, for I’ve yet to see a wilting blemish to her obvious showcase.

Toots loves this part of our walk. I slow down to let her sniff her senses away. Of course, she thinks it’s for her... let her. The reality is, it’s for me. I want to enjoy this... drag it out... linger in my heartfelt moment.