Friday, August 16, 2013

Gratitude Challenge ~ Day 1

1)  Hmmm... I’m alive.  Yeah, so I’m a highly sensitive soul... could be a negative... or a huge positive, in that I am feeling the intricacies of life in the large.  I am aLIVE. 

2)  My family is healthy... for the most part ;)  Nothing life threatening.  (Yay... been there done that.  Not fun.)

3)  My favorite season is coming fast.  I said fall was coming early weeks ago... and todays perfect (in my opinion;) weather is confirmation!  Loving it!

4)  I posted on my blog about a week ago - finally.  Feels so good to do that.

5)  A few long overdue house repairs are well on their way to being finished.  Feeling good about making some progress.  (Even though my house is a bit messy right now...)

6)  Got my hair done.  Liking it... finally growing in to the style I want.  

7)  Bought some new clothes.  (Something Mommy doesn’t usually get to do...)

8)  My yard is looking mighty fine.  All that weeding and pruning last week is paying off.  And thanks to the nice weather I am getting to enjoy it.  ;)  (Love finding a perfect strawberry to eat while I water.  Nothing better than a fresh-picked, sun-warmed morsel.)

9)  My daughter is working on recording another song.  I am biased - of course - but... she has the voice of an angel.  My house is filled with her melodic melodies, and I LOVE that!  (The last video we have is of her singing Amazing Grace from over a year ago.  Not acceptable in the world of Mommy... I will - hopefully - be adding a new recording very soon... maybe even on one of these 14 Day posts!;)

10)  I have a lot of stories whirling around in my head just waiting to be told.  Rather than being upset that I haven’t had the time to write - write- WRITE, I am grateful that there is so much waiting for me to pen... I am FULL of anticipation(The kids start school soon... my well rested keyboard better get ready! ;)

11)  An 11th addendum... I am thankful for Celes!  Who is always directing me towards greatness.  The growth I have experience in the last year is palpable!  (Celes, I know you will tell me it is I that did the work... but you were the catalyst.  Always saying what was needed... just enough to spur me on... and I am grateful!)  I don’t know if I will be able to do all 14 days of this Gratitude Challenge... and they may be late... but I could do this, and that’s a good start.

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