Monday, May 13, 2013

Every Day is Mother's Day

My Pride and Joy ~ My Heart and Soul ~ My no-longer babies...... This is for you!

{One day late because my old computer would not work, and rather than fight with it I choose to spend the day with you creating new memories... Sorry this is late!}

I am re-posting this... I still feel the same....  {...and yesterday was an AWESOME day!  Thank You!!}

The essence of me...  Each of you etched forever in my heart and my soul...  I could not imagine my life without you.

I would have never thought, that when you were born I, too, would be reborn.  That on that blessed birthday life would actually begin. 

That I would see everything new again through your eyes...  Life is more colorful, more vibrant, more ‘here’... because of you.

How interesting that tastes ...and smells ....and sounds would all be experienced as thou never before.  From the joy of chocolate, to the entertainment of a lemon.  That beautiful flower, and that stinky diaper... the giggling laughter of my baby, to the ‘Mom, what’s for dinner’ of today.

I can’t thank you enough for the rediscovery beneath my feet!  Somehow through you, it rose up to greet us... and me.  The grass was greener, the sand softer, rocks had more sparkles, and dirt became an artistic medium.  I never took the time to actually look at my feet ...until your little feet came along. 

You skipped, and though not moving, I floated.  You held my hand ...with amazing mini replicas of my own, only softer, warmer, fuller... and magically I was connected.

My treasures (YOU) unlocked a world of treasures.. how appropriate!  Ants were amazing... and birds were wondrous... The list kept - and keeps - growing.  The softness of a cat, the play of a puppy, the warmth of the sun, puddles in the rain, angels in the snow, piling leaves to jump in and camouflage ourselves.... the sky was somehow bluer.  Surprise, surprise... clouds were bunnies ...and dragons ...and more.

Your first words, first steps... your first roller coaster ride... I relish it all.  You have been my ultimate adventure!  I look forward, each day, to YOU.

We are one.  Your scraped knees pain my heart... and your brilliant smiling face fills all internal gaps.  You get sick, and I can’t breathe.... You succeed and I am successful...  (Whoever said you can’t be controlled by another person... must have never had kids!)  Without words we speak.  All you need is to look at me a certain way, and you’ve said all you need to say.

Your quirks... your uniqueness... your being different from the rest and from each other... is so perfect.   I couldn’t ask for anything more.

My Mothers Day Gift will always be you... Because of you - I am.

In every way...  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Forever and Always - I Love You! ~  Mom

In case you haven't had enough, click the link ~ Mother's Day at Montauk - They granted my wish!  Again... 

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