Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Day at Montauk

My Mother's Day wish... 
Updated photos of my little darlings,
with the beautiful backdrop of Montauk.

Simple right?

Yeah..... okay......

"What's with the face?  Come on... Be nice for the camera..."
"Let her go!"  (ARGH - What's with this rule
Sisters are not allow to touch brothers?!
That doesn't count today!)
"Stop! Come on.....?"
"Guys... just for a minute..."
"Let him go!  Somebody is going to fall off the cliff!"
(Screeched in my best Mommy voice.)
"Careful?!  The Cliff!?!" 
(Yes, the camera is still clicking away as I held steady, pleading.  Geez?!)
The prudent decision was made to move further 'inland.'  
They wanted to climb up into the boulder 'mountain.'
(OMG... anything to get you two to work together...)

  Note the smirky faces... They mock my threats...
tickled that they got Mommy so nervous over silly cliffs... argh.
Good Picture - but not my favorite...

I like the lighthouse in the background, but not the fence... 
wish that wasn't there...  and too much hair blowing all over.  Who could see?  It made climbing dangerous, so up it went... I would rather it down.  
Much better!  Now that's what I'm talking about.  (Still... hate the fence...)
 (Big smiles from Mommy too... ;)

Okay... I am not liking the boulder mountain any more... having too many visions of ankle injuries... 
(a line of neurotic thinking that unfortunately comes with motherhood.)

Let's move to ground level, and get the lighthouse as the backdrop... sans fences.

"Not again ... "
"Please... just stand nice together........."
"Oh. My. GOSH!?  Seriously?!  
Do you want to eat tonight?!"
"Let her go!  You're gonna hurt her... STOP!!  
That's it!  I'm NOT feeding you!!"   
(Thankfully he was HUNGRY -
major Mommy bargaining chip!)
"Be nice for just one minute so I can get this over with!  
Come on... then we can go get something good to eat."
(Yes, of course I intend to feed them...)
"Not that nice."
Okay.... you don't want to know what I said......
My smirking - hungry - children.
Without all the previous images
 and behind the scene knowledge,
one might think this a decent picture....
I see Dennis-the-Menace
trying to keep it together so he doesn't risk starving..
Getting better.....
Yeah!  Love it!  My Mother's Day wish granted!  

Oh my GOSH!!!!!  STOP!

Who's idea was it to have kids?!

Daddy's zoom lens was able to capture a few shining moments.

Awesome shot!!!!  Thanks Frank!  One of my all time favorites.

So serious...

The mate to my 'wish granted' photo... just angled different.
Love it.....


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